Product Disclaimer


New, cut pile carpets throw off fiber and create fluff. This is normal and has no impact on the quality, appearance or durability of your carpet. These are fibers released from the yarn ends, which are used to create a pile, but are reduced from time to time by regular vacuuming.

Loops / twine knots:

Uneven tufts can sometimes appear in hand-woven carpets. Dogs, cats or high-heeled shoes can catch and pull loops that come out of the pile. Carefully cut them off with sharp scissors and do not pull on them as this can damage the carpet.

Pressure points:

Pressure marks from heavy pieces of furniture are no reason for complaint. These can be brushed on and partially erected again with the help of water vapor.


Our virgin wool yarns have already been treated with the moth protection agent MYSTOX CMP in the production process. This effectively protects the carpets against moth damage.

Size tolerance:

Our production always endeavors to comply with the stated sizes as best as possible, however, slight deviations are unavoidable, since they are natural fibers.
Tolerance approx. +/- 5%

Colour variations:

Colours may vary slightly between different production batches.


To reduce the fading of the carpets, you can protect the carpets with shading. Please do not expose them to direct sunlight. Every textile product changes color over time - this is a completely natural process.

Carpet surface:

All velour carpets can occasionally have pile reversal (so-called shading). This is an unexplained phenomenon, with the top third of the pile falling in the opposite pile direction. It is not a manufacturing defect and therefore not a reason for complaint.